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Throughout years of war in Sierra Leone, Bishop George Biguzzi of Makeni has never abandoned his people in their suffering.  On one occasion, he even joined other in an attempt to liberate child soldiers – a devasting aspect of the fighting that took place there.   Through it all, Bishop Biguzzi says, “we remain filled with hope,“ adding, “We thank God and all those who have not abandoned us, who accompanied our people through solidarity, prayer and love.”  The Church in the Missions serves among the suffering and poor, during natural disasters and times of war.  Help support your brothers and sisters in the Missions. 

For Mission Groups ~ that are interested in applying to the Missionary Cooperation Plan in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, please fill out an application.

To be considered for the Missionary Cooperation Plan, please mail this completed form BY AUGUST 1 to be considered for the following year

Questions?  Contact us at pofaith@adphila.org or

Missionary Cooperation Plan Application Form